Daan van de Ven


Spellbound Spire

96 Days – 25 Members – Audio Programmer – Unity

This was the biggest project I had been part of spanning the entirety of an academic year. Our programming team was somewhat smaller thus had a bigger focus on making a base for others to work of easier, this included a heavy focus on tools for other developers.

Camp Lost

1-5 Days – ~80 Members – Multiple Roles – 2019-2022

This project has been one of the longest running projects I have been part of. Focusing on helping out in many different ways during the course of the days. This has allowed me to explore many new aspects which I have not been able to work with before.


24 Days – 27 Members – Environmental Programmer – Unreal Engine

This project at the time was the biggest team I had been part of, although our programming team within the team was extremely limited. I focused on working closely with the design team to make systems which could be used to get our project closer to its vision.

Rat Trap Cartel

24 Days – 10 Members – Gameplay & AI Programmer – Unreal Engine

For this project I focused on working on AI as well as general gameplay programming. I worked closely with the audio designer to ensure continuity within audio in the game.

Captain Fix It

6 Days – 10 Members – Event Scripter – Unreal Engine

Along with our other programmer I worked on the event system for our dialogue that drove the game. I focused in making the interactions from designers into the base system, allowing for new dialogues and events to be added much more easily.


9 Days – 10 Members – Hardware Programmer – Unreal Engine

During this project I worked with Arduino and integration into unreal to try and make a custom controller within our project.

GGJ 2019

2 Days – 6 Members – Volunteer

I worked with some others to help out during Global Game Jam 2019 at Breda University of Applied Science.