Daan van de Ven


24 Days – 10 Members – Hardware Programmer - Unreal Engine

Project Info

Project Summary

Made with Unreal Engine 4.20

This project was focused around a basic game that we could make a custom controller for, we decided to make a simple racing game set in a dessert focusing on an armadillo racing down a hill.

Team Composition

2 Programmers
4 Artists
4 Designers


1/3 Block – 3 Weeks – 9 Project Days

19th November – 7th December

Project Goals

For this project we set out to build a custom controller.

We set out to create a therapeutic experience with our controller to allow for people to relax a bit more when playing the game.

My Contributions

Custom controller prototype. Custom controller prototype.

Role: Hardware Programmer

I worked with Ardunio boards and components to attempt to make a custom controller for our game, I used the UE4Duino plugin to communicate from the Arduino to Unreal.

I worked with different prototype ideas we had going from gyroscope based movement to button state events.

I worked on creating a base for an arm mount using a gyroscope to detect changes in acceleration, this would be used to detect a large motion coming from the arm as to detect a ‘punch’ this would be used in game to make the character jump.

I worked on getting movement data from an accelerometer or gyroscope to see in which direction a player would be moving to transfer to movement of the player in game.

Custom controller idea sktech.