Daan van de Ven

Gameplay Programmer

I am a Gameplay Programmer with a passion to ensure development on any project is kept going smoothly. I thrive in collaborating with a large team, working with different variations is a strong point of mine. I help my team in any way needed when I can and ensure communications are kept up to a professional standard. I have worked on numerous projects so far where I have been working with multiple different variations very closely. I also have experience in Audio, Tools, QA and AI.

Preferred Toolset


August 2017 – Present

Visual Studio

July 2017 – Present


July 2016 – Present

Professional Experience


MANUS develops high-end finger tracking gloves for Motion Capture and VR. Offering world leading Data Gloves for MoCap & VR applications.

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Fulltime  – Software Developer
November 2021 – Present

During my time at MANUS as a fulltime employee I worked further with the software team for new release.
I worked on the Unity Plugin for MANUS core 2.0 as well as improvements to the C++ SDK.
I also worked on the Telemetry for MANUS Core 2.0 to give information on product usage.

Geldrop, Netherlands
36 Weeks  – Software Developer Internship
March 2021 – November 2021

During my time at MANUS I worked with the software team to help make improvements.
I worked on internal research to help the team see where we could take the systems towards.
As well as this I helped make general improvements to the core software systems.


Spellbound Spire

96 Days – 25 Members – Audio Programmer – Unity

This was the biggest project I had been part of spanning the entirety of an academic year. Our programming team was somewhat smaller thus had a bigger focus on making a base for others to work of easier, this included a heavy focus on tools for other developers.

Camp Lost

1-5 Days – ~80 Members – Multiple Roles – 2019-Present

This project has been one of the longest running projects I have been part of. Focusing on helping out in many different ways during the course of the days. This has allowed me to explore many new aspects which I have not been able to work with before.


24 Days – 27 Members – Environmental Programmer – Unreal Engine

This project at the time was the biggest team I had been part of, although our programming team within the team was extremely limited. I focused on working closely with the design team to make systems which could be used to get our project closer to its vision.

Rat Trap Cartel

24 Days – 10 Members – Gameplay & AI Programmer – Unreal Engine

For this project I focused on working on AI as well as general gameplay programming. I worked closely with the audio designer to ensure continuity within audio in the game.


Tech Skills

Visual Studio 2015-2022

July 2016 – Present

C# 4.0-7.0

July 2016 – Present

C++ 11-17

July 2017 – Present

Unity 2017-2021

June 2017 – Present

Unreal Engine 4.19-5.1

May 2017 – Present

Perforce 2017.2-2020.1

September 2017 – July 2022


February 2020 – Present


March 2020 – Present


September 2019 – Present


September 2019 – Present


September 2019 – Present

Wwise 2019.1.4-2019.2.7

September 2019 – July 2021

Soft Skills

Positive attitude

I stay in a positive and friendly attitude as well as to ensure team morale is kept high, this allows for good working attitudes from all members.


In my teams I ensure regular communication with as many members of the team as are beneficial for the project, keeping up a professorial standard of communication.


In all my projects I focus on ensuring good cooperation with all members, this allows the team overall to have a better idea of how we are working, what we are achieving and can achieve further.

Work Ethic

During my time working on projects I have made it a priority to ensure production output is kept high, having a rigid working schedule helps achieve this on a day to day basis, I have worked to build up a schedule that works well for me.


With many of my projects I work on ensuring that we area steadily moving towards our projects goal, picking up new tasks and communicating with my team of any issues that pop up.

Helping Others

With my teams I have been working together and helping others in need to help further the project towards its goal as well as ensuring productivity is kept.

Willingness to Learn

During my projects often a lot of new topics come up I do not shy away from them and investigate them to allow myself to gain knowledge within those topics. When I sense I lack knowledge in certain areas required for the project I work on improving my knowledge on those topics.


I seek feedback from my peers and outside sources to ensure my development is kept at an optimal level and see where my improvement points are.

Academic Background

Breda University of Applied Sciences (Formerly NHTV)

Bachelor of Applied Science – Creative Media and Game Technologies – Programming

September 2017 – November 2022

London Academy of IT

Programming With C# for Beginners Training Course

July 2016 – July 2016