Daan van de Ven

Camp Lost

1-5 Days – ~80 Members – Multiple Roles - 2019-Present

Project Info

Project Summary

Camp Lost is the introductory camp for the AGM study at Breda University of Applied Science.

The camp is made to introduce freshmen to Breda as well as their fellow students.

Over the course of the years I have been able to experience and work on many different aspects some that were very new to me such as Light Technician, Audio Technician.

Camp Lost gets around three hundred freshmen attendees each year.

Team Composition

~6 Organisation
~5 Stichting Cultivate
~8 Alumni Support
~15 Facility Volunteers
~8 Entertainment Volunteers
~40 Parent Volunteers
~10 Production Volunteers

Project Goals

Give freshmen an introductory welcome to BUas and Breda.

Run multiple activities and live events for freshmen.

Run a couple day long event camping event with focus on safety and security.

I wanted to get more experience in event based work.

This project allows me to work with many people from many different backgrounds.

This project allows me to test my communication and ensure it is up to par.

My Contributions

Role: Parent

With a fellow volunteer Dirk de Kok I worked together to be responsible for one group of the freshmen.

We worked together to ensure the students were introduced to each other as well as their soundings.

Role: Facility

I worked with fellow facility volunteers, I worked to ensure we had proper systems for ensuring other volunteers were able to get their food and water.

I also worked on ensuring the space designated for the other volunteers was ready for use.

I have also worked on check-in for freshmen during entering of the camp, I worked on bag checks to ensure freshmen were not bringing any unauthorized items into the camp.

Role: Alumni Support

I worked with a few fellow Alumni. I focused on helping Stichting Cultivate with build up and breakdown of the camp grounds.

I also worked with setting up the Audio setup and ensuring it worked as intended and was mixed accordingly.

Due to some shortcomings we did not have our designated light technician for all the shows we had planned so in those cases I took over as light technician for those shows.