Daan van de Ven


24 Days – 27 Members – Environmental & QA Programmer - Unreal Engine 4.22

Project Info

Project Summary

Made with Unreal Engine 4.23

This project had a focus on production stage of development including releasing the project.

The project was one of the largest teams I have so far been in comprising of over 34 members working on the project.

The project had a pre-production phase which lasted 24 days with 9 members, 2 of which continued to the projects production.

Released on Itch.io

Team Composition

3 Programmers
12 Artists
10 Designers
9 Outsource Animation Artists
9 Designers in Pre-Production



1 Block – 8 Weeks – 24 Project Days

6th May 2019 – 28th June 2019

Project Goals

For the project we set out to create a local cooperative game based upon games such as Magicka.

The project set out to use the animation outsource team to have motion captured animations for the game.

My Contributions

Environment intractable’s being activated
QA Tools - Spawning Enemies, Killing All Enemies, Warping to checkpoints
Item pickup shader logic

Role: Environmental Programmer

I worked on environmental objects and making sure they function as expected as well as making sure that designers could easily make new levels with the objects we had as well as making sure we could trigger them in many ways.

I made a base for each intractable object then expanded on that to help the functionality for each door, elevator and button, allowing for design to easily place and link objects.

Role: QA Programmer

I worked with Jente van Rooij, our outsource QA person to add features that would make debugging and testing easier and smoother allowing for much faster bug finding, testing and fixing. I added basic options such as checkpoints and godmode for testing.

I worked on our bug list to ensure it was kept up to date and bugs were being fixed as well as making sure bugs were prioritised accordingly. I made sure to keep all these commands only available in development or debug builds.

Role: Generalist Programmer

I worked on creating the basic logic around our pickup shader to show to the player which object was going to be picked up.

Environment Interactables (Blueprints)

We wanted to have a lot of different activatable objects to reduce the amount of code that needed to be written over. I made a base for them in the form of a basic bluerpint, ParentActivatble I made this so it could also be expanded later on without having to modify all of the objects individually.

Since we wanted some areas to only be opened up after a certain amount of enemies had been killed I added an array that could be modifed on a per object basis, the enemies would send an event to the activatable on their death if they were linked to the door.

Parent Activatable Blueprint
Bridge Blueprint