Daan van de Ven

Global Game Jam 2019

2 Days – 6 Members – Volunteer

Project Info

Project Summary

I volunteered with a couple other students to help out at Breda University of Applied Science site for Global Game Jam 2019.

Team Composition

2 Camera Operators

4 General Volunteers


2 Days

January 25th 2019 – January 27th 2019

Project Goals

I wanted to work more in a differentiating role organising and taking care of many peoples needs.

I wanted to get more experience in the vein of event work.

My Contributions

Role: Volunteer

I worked with one other fellow volunteer to take pictures of all the Jammers and their projects as well as progress.

I worked with my fellow volunteers to ensure everyone had food during breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I worked helped at the main desk at the entrance to hand out shirts and check tickets.