Daan van de Ven

Captain Fix It

6 Days – 10 Members – Event Scripter - Unreal Engine 2.20

Project Info

Project Summary

Made with Unreal Engine 4.22

The project was focused on making a Simulation Puzzle game in a similar vein as Papers Please.

We set out to use a stylised look based off pointillism.

The project had a very short development time frame of only 6 days.

Team Composition

2 Programmers
4 Artists
4 Designers


1/3 Block – 2 Weeks – 6 Project Days

10th December – 21st December

Project Goals

For this project we set out to create a game within 2 weeks focusing on a pointillist art style within the game.

The project set out to use a event based dialogue system which would allow designers to expand and modify the events and dialogue much more easily.

My Contributions

CSV Dialogue and event input
Animation Settings

Role: Event Scripter

I worked on making a way for designers to make dialogue for our game in a simpler and easier method, I started working on a structure which would ensure designers knew what they could use it for, after some more research we decided to use CSV as unreal has integrated support within its engine which would make it much easier for both designers and programmers alike.
Due to our limited development time we had set limits on the item groups, for each event only one item group could be used, but any amount of items within that item group could be used.

Role: Gameplay Programmer

I made an event handler system which would handle the events designed by designers and handle the starting and ending of them. The event handler also sent the time set in the event to the timer board to show the player.

I made the intractable functionality for all the levers and buttons, ensuring they send input to the event correctly. I made the simple animations for the interactables in engine and added settings to adjust them to our needs.

Timer input from event handler upon event begin